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Paula’s Camp 8x10 OOC

ChuckAChuckA -
edited July 23 in Post Your Paintings
I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been taking advantage of good weather to work on some outdoor projects. I did managed to finish this. It is still on the easel so as always critique welcome.



  • I like this, especially the mood that has been created by the distant lighting effect.  Foreground details and flowers interact nicely.  Some of those highlights on the house might be toned down?  Hard to say from photos...
  • A great sense of distance in this @ChuckA
  • Appreciate the comments @Hilary and @Gary_Heath. I will take a look at the building highlights and make sure they are not over done. Photo is not great and some of the colors have gone flat.
  • This is very good. I like the way the  atmospheric perspective of the distant trees adds depth.  :)
  • Good work. I'm green with envy at how well you've captured the grey atmosphere.
  • Great painting and spot on perspective too. Like Bob says the grey atmosphere in the distance gives it perfect depth too.
  •  It has a particular weather mood to it, like a cold misty morning. Good job, I like it. My criticism is the glare from the photo. It looks like a lot of light is reflecting, especially is the upper right hand area. Keep up the great painting. 

  • Yes, I think the glare detracts a lot from this painting.

    Try tilting the canvas forward or sideways or moving the light source. I've found that the best way to photograph paintings is outside in sunlight with the painting at an angle that doesn't cause glare even if this means your photo is a bit skewed. You can correct this skew with a mesh warp tool in a photo editor like Affinity Photo or photoshop. 
  • This is a very good plein air painting. I have been longing to go to hills since lockdown in India and ended up in hospital for covid. We have exact places like this in the North. Very beautiful!
  • Thanks @tassieguy, @kaustavM, @someone_else, @Si1, @BOB73, for the gracious comments. I definitely can use the help with glare on my painting photos. We have a lot of days that are gray and misty and somehow soothing and I want to paint more of them.
  • The atmospheric effect looks great.   The white trim on the house might be a bit too bright or maybe too delineated.  The leaning twist to the road is interesting but it makes me a bit dizzy. 😀 though that may be the real charm to this painting.  
    If you take pictures in doors and want to remove glare on the painting you might consider using a polarizing filter over the camera lens and a sheet of polarizing film over your lights.  But make sure there is no extraneous light leaking into the room.

  • @GTO I did color check the trim but as you pointed out it does jump out at you. The photo also has the same effect. Probably should do a little more work on it. I should get my camera out with a polarizing lens instead of using my phone. No luck so far being lazy.
  • I know what you mean @ChuckA the phone is so handy and for me lugging our the lights and film is extra effort 😀
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