first try at DMP painting

hi all,

I am missing shadow box and light bulbs. So lets imagine we are in a painters studio and not at my kitchen table lol :0)

Paint and other things

My setup, the apple was to close when i did a white color match. so had to move it closer to the window.

Mixing black and paint it all around :0)

The steps for the apple. 3 steps for the red and 3 steps for the yellow.

finish painting :0)

Time was form setup to finish 1 hour

I realy had fun with this DMP method.
For the next painting ill have more knowledge in tone and value, steps and drawing.

Now the only way is better, happy days are coming :0)


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    This is a very nice start, congratulations on getting all the materials together and getting to the place where you are ready to paint.(I know it's not so easy to get to that point). The painting as it sits is a very good start on shape and color and that makes this immediately recognizable as an apple and that's the goal so you have done well here on your first attempt. I like lots of things about your painting but I have a some thoughts that you maybe find useful. One thing I don't see in your supplies is a color checker. Do you have one that isn't in the photos? The color checker is a big deal for this method. Secondly, there are some bright highlights that are missing from the painting that would lend a further sense of depth to the apple. Maybe the painting is still wet enough that you can work them in? Thirdly, the all black background is easy to paint but if you were to represent the table on which the apple is sitting, you could create a shadow on it and further represent the way the object is being illuminated thus enhancing the realism. Thanks for posting this painting and the wip photos, looking forward to seeing your next one.

    -Scot White
  • illago

    Nice work with limited setup.

    Don't forget the highlights around the crown.
    The lower left quadrant is a darker shadow red.

    The dark ground does not allow for a shadow. Shadows play a big role on depth perception and shape recognition.

    Slow down a bit and just look for a while before you pick up a pencil or brush.
    Notice the lighter yellowish/red band on the equatorial RHS.

    Take some time to set up some lighting and background to accentuate the features of the object - ask yourself what quality do I want to show the viewer? Then do everything to emphasize those qualities.

    You are probably well in to your next painting and this is history.
    Good work.


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    Illago....a good start, the color of the apple is muted and lovely...your table set up is neat and orderlly...all Good............but in your next painting suggest you paint your

    canvas the same background color as your set up & paint exactly what you see....

    Since your just starting out, its important to paint what you are looking at (so you will learn to see) instead of trying to wing it on your own...(you can do this later after you've painted a while) ....

    Your dark background is good but your initial set up shows a very light background with beautiful shadows

    If your painting a single object...the canvas size comes into it have lots of unused space around your could add a table, curtain, background, fill in the space and make the apple appear more pleasing...

    Look forward to your next painting....

  • Welcome to the journey! Nice start.
  • Good first painting.

    Could be the image ( your fourth photo ) but the steps between the tones seem too close.
    Have a look at Marks (free) download and see how much attention he applies to getting them right.
  • :x :x
    I have read the comments many times while looking at my painting.
    With the constructive positive comments from all of you, Now i have the knowledge to make a even Moore bigger positive leap in progress on my next painting.

    I am so happy I finally start painting.
    Thank you!
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