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Mark Carder landscape tutorial painting

I decided to buy the Mark Carder landscape tutorial video... it was super helpful! I've only done maybe 4 oil paintings in my life so I'm still learning lots. I didnt realize how important tones are. I painted this from a photo I took up the road. Any constructive criticism is welcome! Thanks.



  • Good work.  Simple but charming. Do more and you'll be getting real good.
    Clouds overhead cannot be of uniform size.  They also need softening.  A bit more foreground variation needed because there's a lot of it.
  • Thank you for the feedback. Yeah I tried to copy the photo too much. Yes I need to just keep practicing to get better. Have to make it my own. Thanks.
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     I think this is very good - especially considering it's only your fourth painting. It  has a crisp, vibrant feel. The distant blue hills are beautiful.  I would lower the intensity of the blue sky and soften the clouds a wee bit. Best not to use pure white - there's always some colour even in brightly lit clouds and snow. And maybe have another look at your reference and try to capture a little foreground detail.

    You have an eye for landscape and on the whole you've done a fine job here.  :)
  • Very nice composition. I’m a little confused by the bright green patch on the upper left.  Not sure what it is. 
    I also find the blue in the sky to be slightly harsh. Maybe it needs to be toned down with a little red. 

  • I like your painting.  Only your fourth one?  Wow.  I have to agree with the others here that a softer sky would be good and hints of grass in the foreground.  Clouds are difficult to do.  I get the more manicured field in the top left.  Good perspective on the buildings.  Good painting overall.  Nice job.
  • Thank you all for the feedback. I dont really like my painting, so it's really nice to get some compliments and different perspectives from other painters! It's only my fifth or so painting, but it took me about 12 hours to paint. Definitely lots of room for improvement! Looking forward to posting another one. 
  • Your fourth painting ?  I'm so jealous and envious.  I've just wiped off trees in a landscape painting that make yours look like masterpieces.  And no I'm not showing anyone.  If I had painted something that good the fourth time out, my head would be so big it wouldn't go through the front door.  You are going to be amazing!
  • This is a terrific beginning. But like everyone says, with that much foreground you have to have a little more detail. Also, with scattered clouds there are usually scattered bright spots on the terrain where the sun burns through the clouds. I agree there's too much pure white in the clouds.
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    I like the painting. Like the composition and colour. Practise practise!
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