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My second still life. What do You think?


  • michal3michal

    Nice work. 

    Composition a bit ‘lost in space’.
    Orange could have a softer edge to suggest the rounded form .

  • I like the blue with complementary orange color.  Nice reflection in the bottom of the dish of the orange and tabletop.  Agree with Dencal for softer edge on the tangerine.  Graded highlight on the tangerine is good.  White on the dish rim looks very white (chalky?).  Only your second one, nice work.
  • The grape looks great.  There seems to be a light source from the left but no corresponding shadows.  See the whit light on the left of the orange?
    The ellipse of the bottom of the little cup does not line up with the ellipse of the front.  The alignment of those ellipses should be such that they tilt back slightly.  You chose a very difficult orientation to paint for those ellipses.
    The edges on the far ends if the shadows should be soft because of the ambient light that would be getting to them.
    So, all in all, just a few tweaks and you will see much improvement.  Keep up the good work.
  • Terrific job for an early attempt. better than any of mine. I agree with most of the above about shadows and outlines and that cup is definitely a difficult piece to paint . the colors are great. One more grape might have made the composition a little less spacey. Toning down some of the white on the rim of the cup will make the highlights stand out better.
  • dencal - interesting right suggestions. I am not happy with the tangerine. Was a bit strugling painting that. Composition is very basic if any i would say. Thank You :-)
  • A_Time_To_Paint - i had a little doubt concerning reflection on the dip rim - You made ne concern. Thank You :-)
  • edited July 16
    GTO - I think You are right - i like the grape the most, than dip and at last tangerine which is sort of better than nothing here. I will work a bit on reflection at the top of the rim. Will leave the rest - prefer to do something new instead :-). Thank You very much.
  • BOB73 - Thank You for carefull looking with the aye of experience. Will work on reflections on the top of the rim and possibly the rest which is not much :-). I did few landscapes before i started still life so probably that is not as impressive. Composition is literary any - the main goal here was technical training but it turned to be good enough to show somewhere.  Thank You very much :-)
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