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Gallery Wrapped Canvas?

Wondering if anyone is using gallery wrapped canvases and if so how deep are they 1 inch 2 inch?
and if you use a shadow box frame what kind of canvas do you use?


  • CJDCJD -
    edited July 11
    People typically use the really thick stretcher bars to avoid having to pay for a frame I think. You can frame them too and framing shops will have floating frames that work for them.

    Get good at folding clean and tight corners of stretched canvas. You'll find some kinds of canvas are easier to stretch and fold than others, and primed vs unprimed can make a big difference as well.

    I don't personally know what's best though for that.. probably thinner canvas but thin cotton canvas like that will also be the weakest canvas

    Some of my black background ones look nice unframed on regular thin stretcher bars but you can see in this image the fold isn't perfect. I haven't had to do much stretching after switching to panel

  • Good points to note @CJD thanks.
  • GTO

    No Problemo.

    From Google Images. Search Gallery Wrap Floating Frame.


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