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French Ultra Marine Geneva paint

Does anyone have a problem with the French Ultra Marine paint drying really shinny compared to the rest of your painting? I have tried so many ways to fix this yet nothing works. Please help!


  • Most oil paints have different properties when they dry, some sink in (typically the earth colours), others do not. The varnish is intended to resolve this at the end and make a uniform finish. You can also use a retouch varnish as you go to make the finish consistent. It’s usually the colours going dull and non shiny that people complain about though!
  • I have added the shiniest varnishes and several coats but no luck. do you mean add varnish to my other paint? I have tried adding liquin to them. The blue is still very shinny compared to the rest. thanks you for your reply. 
  • CJDCJD -
    edited July 11
    That's very odd.

    You can mix in some non-geneva ultramarine blue straight from the tube with a palette knife to help even it out. Geneva is super glossy because of the extreme amount of medium added, so adding other brand of paint will dull it down.
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