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Nectarines in a silver dish

Oil on wood 16x12 
New experience to work on unprimed wood.  The wood literally ate the paint but dried so quickly , it felt like I was using chalk pastels.  
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  • They look delicious 😋 
    Ive wondered about painting on wood panels.  Did you prime it with an oil ground or acrylic gesso?

  • No , I didn’t prime it at all.  Just painted straight on to the wood. @GTO
    There are at least 30 layers of paint  on that painting.  But in reality the colours are very vibrant and I think it’ll look good when I varnish it.  
    I think I’ll try another wood panel , and prime it this time.  
    Good to experiment.  😊

  • scrumptious! the colors couldn't be more inviting with the promise of sweet and juicy within reach. The silver has enough warmth in it to keep it all balanced. Very well done. I don't have to tell you about the ellipse. Did you want the grain of the wood to show through? You can still "prime" with diluted mix of a little oil paint and a 60/40 oms/linseed or walnut oil to prevent the wood sucking up the paint but to use this method, best do it outdoors and let it dry completely before drawing.
  • Looks great Hilary! I can only imagine how absorbent the wood was!
  • Made me want to go, buy and eat some peaches :-)
  • Nice work @Hilary , peachy even  :)

    I love working on wooden panels, the ones I buy are already gessoed.

    It must have been like paining directly onto sponge in terms of absorbency.
  • edited July 2020
    Good job on the nectarines, Hilary.  The reflections in the silver bowl are good, too. Just need to tweak the elipses a bit.
    I can understand how the bare wood sucked the oil out of your paint. But if you let it dry then varnish the colours will pop.  :)
  • Beautiful work! It will be great once it's varnished. I hope the surface wasn't too hard on your brushes too. I treat wood panel with 4 coats of hard sandable gesso all 6 sides and sanded, this way the oil paint doesn't get absorbed and sink.
  • Yes , I think when I adjust that ellipse and apply varnish I’ll be giving Kim Young Sum a run for his money 😄
  • @HilaryI remember "Garlic" and all subsequent works. Huge and very fast progress! Although the old teacher immediately sensed your potential (and character too!). The drawing will come, but the colors are already in your pocket, because nectarines are a very difficult task. Congratulations! Good luck! P. S. As for me, the experiment with unprimed wood was unnecessary. There is a reason for gesso... 
  • Hilary

    Love the nectarines. Beautiful work.

    Many advisers warn about the acidic paint attacking the wood structure. Don’t worry paint is alkaline or basic in nature with a Ph of 7 or 8.

    As you noticed the oil was absorbed up by the untreated wood very quickly. This may leave your pigment as an unpolymerised powdery surface, very fragile without a varnish layer.

    Of more concern is the diurnal expansion and contraction of the unprimed wood and the risk of cracking or flaking paint. Wood is a sponge drawing moisture from the air and swelling. The wood then shrinks as it gives up moisture in higher temperatures. Paint may have a lower tolerance and crack.

    Probably not an issue in any reasonable timeframe if kept in a stable environment.


  • Nice!!! I find particularly difficult painting “peachy” colors I struggle with violets and greys and always ended up with a chalky mess 🤦🏻‍♂️ 

    This on the orher hand looks great! Vibrant warm colors congrats!
  • Aww thanks so much @RUESGA
  • Varnish is like magic.  I love putting it on paintings.  It brought out the beautiful colors in those nectarines.
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    Ah, now we can better see the smooth shiny surface of the nectarines. They look great. Well done, Hilary.  :)
  • Nice work! I find varnishing a challenge but so worth it! It looks great!
  • Thanks @GTO and @tassieguy
    Your positive comments meant a lot and inspire me to keep painting.  
    @Forgiveness , don’t be afraid of varnish. I always use the spray gloss one which doesn’t streak. 
    The brush on one is great but I’m always terrified that some of the lighter parts aren’t totally dry and will start smearing. That happened to me twice because I’m not patient by nature and was in a rush to get finished. 
  • Lovin' the barely visible fruits left and right of the composition Hilary. It would have been so easy to over-define them! And the purple/yellow colour match - wow! Smashing piece of work... <3  
  • Awww thank you @Coach_T01
    Those are reflections in the very shiny bowl. The bowl is not actually silver but that sort of highly polished stainless steel that reflects colour so well. 
    This painting is now hanging in my kitchen where I can see it all the time. 
    I’m afraid I don’t suffer from the artists curse when it comes to my own paintings. I absolutely love most of them. 😂 They are like my ‘babies’. 
    I know that this isn’t a true indication of their worth , and Mark Carder says in one of his videos that very often those who love their own work often produce the worst stuff. I suspect this may be what’s happening with me but hey , who cares ! 😄
    In these horrible, awful , ghastly times I’m concentrating on colour and I’m using the most vibrant colours I can mix. The more chromatic the better. 
    It must be some sort of mental reaction to what’s happening in our world just now. 
    I’m so happy that you liked my colours @Coach_T01. I really enjoyed using them and for once , resisted the urge to overblend. 
    Thank you again for your positive comment which means a lot more than you probably realise. 😊

  • Ooops! I really should wear my glasses before commenting (re: the reflections!). I see it now.. :3
  • Maybe better viewed from a distance WITHOUT glasses 🤓😂
  • Nice one Hillary. It's so good to find people that can still laugh at themselves during this difficult time.

    Now that this is varnished it really sings. Terrific colors and reflections. The silver reflect in the table now is great. Love the scratches in the table, nice touch.
  • Thanks Bob. 
    Glad you like the scratches. I was just trying to be creative there ! 

  • Thank you for your kind message @A-time-to-paint. SometimesI admit  I feel delighted with myself when I finish a painting and I can’t stop admiring it. ( and I enjoy getting others to sing its praises ) But then I come on here and I see the most amazing and  fantastic paintings , so very quickly I get back in my box and shut up. 😄
    It’s good for the soul and stops me getting too far above my station. 

  • Boxes at the station? I worry they may put you on the wrong train. This painting has definitely earned you a place outside the box. You don't want to be confused with freight or a Jack-In-The-Box.
  • Fab,@hilary, glad to see you are painting 😍
  • cbor47cbor47 -
    edited July 2020
    looks like fruit picked straight from the trees, I'm having a Gin right now with a slice of lemon but the lemon is tasting bitter looking at your painting of the fruit in the bowl.
  • Nectarines have never been my favorite fruit but I think I’ll give them another try after seeing your painting.
  • Thanks for the positive comments @marieb @cbor47 and @ChuckA
  • Very beautiful @Hilary I wouldn't have done that painting on bare wood considering how well it turned out. I would use at least a gesso. Painting is awesome
  • Lovely painting..
    I just wanmt to eat this fruit, excellent art xxxxxxxxx
  • this is stunning @Hilary!!!  Fantastic!!!  I hope you are well.  xoxoxo
  • HilaryHilary -
    edited August 2020
    Thanks so much @Julianna but I miss your beautiful, colourful paintings. And I miss @BOB73’s amusing posts. 
    I’m fine , but getting really sick of this pandemic and all that goes with it. Our son is 22 and feeling pretty cooped up with his socialising so curtailed.  Not an easy time for anyone at the moment. 
    Good days and bad days. But feeling so incredibly lucky not to be working in the front line. 
    I hope you and your husband are well. 
  • thankfully, we are very well.  We have been shut down for over five months now, our county in California is very strict (although the numbers are not going down, the curve is much worse each month).  Shelter in place is obviously not the answer for this area.  We have had horrible fires all around us for the past week and a half with very hot temperatures and blackouts.
    Just praying for no earthquake because that will just be a fitting end and the cherry on top.  We were on evacuation watch list but thankfully, that was lifted yesterday so things seem to be looking brighter.

    I signed up again for the Strada Challenge so that should keep me very busy and motivated to get in my studio.  Do you have time to do it?  You paint or draw from life every day.  It doesn't have to be a completed painting, it can be a simple sketch of a small item for busy days.  I have just done steps on the same setup for some days so it isn't as overwhelming as it might seem.  I am always glad that I did it when it is over.  I would love it if you were able to join!

    I'm so pleased to hear that y'all are well.  I miss many people here.  I have a lot of catching up to do!

    This painting is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love it!
  • @Julianna wow, sounds like your shelter in place has been tough.  Do post your painting a day work. I very much enjoyed seeing them last year.  
  • Wonderful painting.  That sounds sort of common place, but it's true.  I understand about being cooped up.  My husband and I are very fortunate because we live in the country and can go outside and talk to cows.  Sometimes they even talk back.  I haven't been in a store since the middle of March.  My daughter shops online for us and delivers groceries.  She is a health care professional and is trying to take care of her senior parents.  I'm so tired of this, too.
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