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Lanyang River Valley 12" x 9 " oil on canvas

edited July 23 in Post Your Paintings
In the spirit of DMP, I did this quick study alla prima after pre-mixing the colours.  Just sort of dashed it off, but did try to prepare beforehand.  It's amazing how getting a line wrong throws it.  My wife's comment:  "The boat must look solid."  :#   

Ref photo (photo of photo--lost the soft copy)



  • I agree with your dear wife.  I don’t know how solid you need to go but I recommend some detail that is “solid” that tells me it is a boat.  

    BTW I always listen to my dear spouse’ comments and guidance.  In fact I jokingly (but seriously) call her my Art Director.  😀. I hope (but haven’t told her this yet) that she will have to be in charge of the business side of whatever I do. 😀
  • I refer to her as my lovely assistant.
    Anyway ....I dont see a boat in either reference. The original has some nice warmth showing up in color composition.
  • That’s interesting, I was reading part of your grid as the edge of a boat for the area that is in the bottom of the painting.  But then looking at the photo reference I see that is not a boat!
  • edited July 8
    The atmospheric perspective of the distant hills is good, @Gary_Heath. It wouldn't be too hard to fix the shape of those islands so they don't get mistaken for a boat. And some warm orange/yellow on the water along the river bank would bring that area closer to us and, against pale the blues of the distant hills, would enhance the atmospheric perspective and thus create more depth. It's a very appealing landscape.  :)
  • That's a boat? I really thought they were mud flats. You could make it a boat I suppose. From the river up it's fantastic. The mud flats are a good place to look for mussels ...fresh water clams.
  • edited July 9
    The imagination plays tricks...
    @tassieguy " It wouldn't be too hard to fix the shape of those islands so they don't get mistaken for a boat. And some warm orange/yellow on the water along the river bank would bring that area closer to us..."  Thanks for the suggestion, I'll see if I can fix it. So much for alla prima!
    @BOB73 I can see you are a river person.  Yep, I've seen the odd clam hunter down by the water.  One guy lays traps near here, presumably catching fish.
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    How do you delete a whole comment?  Seems like you can only edit once initiated...

  • Edit  and "Back" or highlight section and "Del" but you have to leave some charachters or add something the comment block itself will still be there. You could edit- type "deleted comment" and erase everything in the original.
  • BOB73BOB73 -
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    comment deleted.
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    Painting revised below. I've tried to fix it.  Photos of paintings can be misleading unless you take them in a very controlled way--I didn't touch the mountains but they are much warmer in this photo.  Maybe because I re-did the sky? Other changes should be obvious.  Not sure really.  Any critique/s welcome.  Thanks for looking again!

  • I didn't mean to leave a comment here...but since I accidentally opened this window I can tell you that I'm still tweaking the painting and will try to post another photo soon.  It won't be much different though...
  • All the adjustments look good to me. I not sure about the mountain that is of a lighter value in front left of the highest in the background. I hope that makes sense.  Maybe the color is a bit off and that could be the photo.
  • @ChuckA Thanks.  I think you're right, and I re-painted the distant mountain range. Not sure about it though. I also changed the colour of the foreground grass bottom right, which had milked when I first did it wet into wet, an improvement there.
    It's hard for me to be objective, so any feedback welcome.

  • I think you’ve got it right.  The dark foreground. The atmospheric effect of the middle ground and the mountains work beautifully.  
  • A beautiful light in this 
    You’ve captured the mistiness wonderfully @Gary_Heath

  • @GTO Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad it's working for you on some level.  I wasn't sure about the colours, but if the values are okay...  @Hilary Thanks for your comments.  It was a wonderful scene and difficult to capture in a photo due to the high contrast.  If the light is working in this painting then that's something to be happy about.
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