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July Storm - WIP Landscape

Hi community!  I’ve been dabbling with some landscape painting lately. Using bits of reference here and there from online searches, but I need some advice on muted colors. I wanted to make the sky a bit more somber looking and less blue. My canvas stain was a greenish grey, and I thought that would give me a more muted sky, but I think I over worked it. Any criticism or ideas on what else I can add to the composition, are very much appreciated!

Also, my clouds need work. 😄

Thanks for looking.



  • You’ve definitely achieved that somber mood.  I’m not so sure that you need to change the color of the sky.  I’m not so sure adding a warmer color would eliminate the green cast.  I’ve seen some storms that have a greenish cast to them and they are usually pretty nasty storms.
  • Agree with GTO on the sky.  Working from a reference photo now on a seascape painting that has that greenish look in the sky.  I like how your light source is top left.  Composition is good and like your path.  Going good!
  • Don't touch the sky even if you are the ghost of Jimmie Hendrix. It's beautiful. looks like rain coming down in the distance with the sun fighting for a foothold at the lower left. This is somber and threatening with lots of movement and drama. If you must change something, you could soften the distant hills for more depth or add a few warm values and lighter values to the trees on the left. I little detail in grasses, weeds, wild flowers or under brush in the foreground wouldn't hurt and a puddle in the trail might be interesting but keep them subtle. This is outstanding. I wouldn't be surprised if @kaustavM would like to copy it.
  • One note about adding a puddle to the truck path, if you do then you are indicating the storm has passed, if you don’t then the storm is coming.  I vote for the more tension of the storm is coming.
  • Thanks everyone for the comments. I changed up the mood a bit because I wasn’t too excited about how warm the grass was and how blue the sky was.  I tried to leave it alone, but I couldn’t withstand!  I hope it’s still moving in the right direction.

    Among the changes, I’ve added a small barn and silo in the distance.

    @BOB73 thanks, I softened the hills and it definitely pushes them back farther. Still playing with the composition, but I hope to be on to adding more foliage information soon.

    @GTO Good note about the puddle. I really like the tension of an impending storm.

  • i like it very much 
  • So do I. Very atmospheric.  
  • The barn is a good addition but  I think the roof may be a little to bright for that sky. I liked the first truck trail a little more than the new one. It was a little more random and was a good focal point for the composition. This is still a beautiful painting though.
  • @JacobDuane. That’s a big ole covid serious storm you have Brewing there.   I don’t know if it’s the exposure if the photo or not but I liked the lighter truck path in the first one.
  • @GTO and @BOB73 I see what you mean about the trail path. I spent some time reworking the it along with the barn, and grass...and also the sky again. Judging from the way things are going I doubt it's that last time I mess with the sky. I just can't seem to be happy with it.  Oh, the trail is looking a bit grungy right now, need to make some adjustments.

    @michal3michal and @Hilary thank you so much! I hope I'm progressing forward and not backwards. 😁

    I do have an issue that I wanted to bounce off you all. Right now I just chalk it up to being a beginner, but when I'm painting, I feel like most of the time I'm it feels like I'm painting with glue or something. The canvas gets very sticky. Have you all experienced this? I'm only using Linseed oil. Maybe I'm using too much or not enough?  Wondering if it's just because the paint is drying between sessions. 

    Thanks for all the tips and comments.

  • GTOGTO -
    edited July 10
    I use 4 ounces of walnut oil and 2 teaspoons of clove for medium.  I can thin the paint down however much I need with that.
    the other thing is that i scrape existing Pai off if I am reworking an area.
  • Yeah you're going to feel gummy if you paint over drying wet paint with new wet paint. That's one of the reasons I often say it's better to set it aside than to keep reworking a painting. It gives you a chance to paint it again knowing what things you liked or didn't. Painting a scene over is something many master artists have done and still do. Sometimes they call them sketches or studies. Sounds a lot better than a do-over. This comment was made assuming there was time between sessions for the paint to start firming up. 
  • edited July 11
    This one gets better and better with each new post.

    If it's got to the stage where the paint is semi-dry and you want to keep what you've done and continue working on it then it's best to let it dry before going any further so you don't disturb the paint layer which will stick to your brush so that you ruin it  . Or, if you want to make major changes, then, while it's still wet enough to do so,  you can scrape down and paint over. 
  • The trees now look great. The grass seems too uniform for a field.
  • @BOB73 and @tassieguy I believe you're completely right, because I've been reworking this pretty much every day. I have to learn to work one section or zone at a time. I just bought this really cool instructional video by Andrew Tischler called The Winter Landscape.  He's indicating the same workflow as you all mentioned. 

    For this update, I've lightened the dirt road (formerly the trail) so it's a bit more like the country roads I used to fly down back in my hometown. I've also added more details to the grass and made things look less uniform. I'm trying to guide the eye with some of the dark grassy areas. I want to make it look like the wind is gusting across the field/pasture.

    Thanks for all the input. I'm hoping to finish this up soon, if I can just stop playing around. 👍

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