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edited July 2020 in General Discussion
I heard some ads for this website where you can submit a photo and a real artist will create a painting of it. Looking at the website, the price point seems almost too good to be true--i wonder how much the artist is getting once the website takes its cut.
Just wondering what others take is on this too much in the way of commoditizing/devaluing unique art work or should we celebrate the opportunity to broaden access to art?


  • dencaldencal -
    edited July 2020

    IMHO the artists will be on a regular retainer and a commission for each new work. Probably a very part time activity for the artist, but provides some stability and cash flow while being a regular artist.

    I take a broader view here. If more art can be produced at affordable prices, the better for all involved.
    This business model has a lot of potential and works during the pandemic. Cleary superior to the gallery rip-off and the art fair unfairness.


  • This somehow reminds me of that place in china where all these artists are painting Van Gogh's Sunflowers over and over again in a quasi-mass production set up. 
  • One thing comes to mind . . . if those eight or so artists listed on the site are the total work force, they are probably kept fairly busy.  My point is that while prices are low for their services, over a year's time, they probably make a better and more regular income than me, for example, who sells a painting here and there and now and then.  Bob73 may well be right, too  . . . could be a sweat shop.
  • edited July 2020
    If the artists live in poor countries with low valued currencies and if the business sells the works for $s or Euros and if they pass that on to the artists then the artists could do ok. It's difficult to know just what the setup is. I guess some income is better than none. Wherever they live. artists won't do it if they can't make money out of it. If they can make more washing cars or waiting tables then they'll do that and paint when and if they can for PaintYourLife. But maybe under such a business model PaintYourLife won't be able to attract really good painters who have the time to produce quality work and so the business may not succeed. I hope they pay the artists well enough to make it worth theit while and for the business to succeed.
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