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Started a Youtube Channel

Rich_ARich_A -
edited July 30 in General Discussion
I started a YouTube channel out of necessity to grow in my art, be entertaining, and build a following to sell my art. I plan on doing drawing demos, oil painting demos, master copy demos, magazine reviews, and anything else that might grow from it.

Another reason I started the channel was because I wanted to paint a master copy of DaVinci's "Last Supper" and record my process and thoughts. I thought it would be better to experiment with smaller videos to see if I am cut out for this. 

It turns out it's pretty easy. So hopefully I will be able to grow as YouTuber. 

If this is something you might like, please subscribe to my channel. I need 1000 subs. 

Here are a couple pieces from the demos.

Also, if you have a critique on how to improve the videos, I'm all ears.



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