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Bianca update

Worked a bit more on Bianca. Need to adjust her hairline and detail the mouth and teeth then do fine detail stage. I enjoy doing the fine detailing as  that's usually where the likeness starts to kick in. When I do final detail I concentrate on volume and mass. That is I look to see if I have made the cheeks the right shape and so on. Hope you enjoy Bruce 



  • This is really terrific, Bruce. I love the way you've kept her hair back out of the way on her left side. At first glance comparing it to the photo I thought the face was too wide but I was wrong and can see now the difference is because the hair is slightly further back. You have to be an accomplished painter to do that kind of modification. You've done that with the eyes too, with beautiful affect.
  • This is looking great.  You have achieved a wonderful likeness with this portrait.  Lovely work.
  • Wonderful painting and I am looking forward to more posts as you finish.
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