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Weber Turpenoid Natural Users

Hi, just wondering if anyone else on the forum uses  this product.  I've been using as a solvent for brush cleaning for many years.  Does anyone use this to thin paint for actual painting (e.g., to do a thin wash/underpainting)? I've seen somewhat contradictory views on that online from an archival perspective.
I don't use Geneva paints at this time, so when I need to thin paint (e.g., an underpainting) I do use Gamsol or sometimes water-mixable oils.


  • Csontvary

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      The original Turpenoid (in the blue can) is a refined Stoddard solvent/low-odor mineral spirits. it should be used in a well ventilated area, away from sources of combustion. It can be used for thinning oil paints and some varnishes (not for Damar, Mastic or other resins normally prepared in turpentine). Turpenoid can also be used as a brush rinse. Like other OMS products, Turpenoid doesn't support drying as well as fresh, pure gum spirits of turpentine. 

      "Turpenoid Natural" is a citrus-derived product that can be used to rinse brushes, but should not be used to thin oils. (The manufacturer recommends no greater than 25% Turpenoid Natural by volume in the paint mixture, but in my opinion, it really doesn't impart any beneficial properties, and can interfere with drying.)

    This extract is from MITRA Forum.


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