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After the Fall

This also finally done. After the Fall, 14x11 oil on panel. Thanks for looking. Can you tell I am getting ready for a show? I’m exhausted and have nearly killed myself accidentally, twice!


  • Very nice painting.  I Iove all the color you have put in this.
  • Paintings are looking great.  
    So, how did you nearly kill yourself twice?
  • @GTO the first time was with Liquin. I don’t usually use it unless I’m outside, but I needed things to be drying quicker (don’t judge), so I started using it a couple of weeks ago. I started getting really nauseated in the evenings, light headed, headache, chills. I thought I had the virus. It went on for two weeks! Finally my wife asked if it was my paint, but I knew that wasn’t it. Then it hit me, I had an entire trash can full of rags covered in Liquin and I was standing right over it for hours at a time. I opened the window and used a fan and have been fine ever since. Stupid, right? The second was a simple slash with a sharp scissors in my palm while trying to open a container of hardware. Good thing the show is tomorrow, or I might not Survive.
  • @freeman wow!  Glad you figured out the liquin thing and glad it wasn’t the virus.  
     The paintings you’ve been posting look fantastic.  I’m sure you will have a great show.

  • I love the composition and the coloured shadows in this, @Freeman.

    Good luck with the show.  :)
  • Lovely work @Freeman

    Steer clear of sharp implements and liquin rags.

    all the best for your show

  • Superb painting! Love the light and shadow.. :)
  • edited June 30
    The painting looks great! I like the interesting composition. Can you run a fan in your studio to create cross ventilation, just moving air around a room helps too, keeping airborne toxins from harming you. I suffered a number of poisonings and similar injuries in my studios over the years, this has taught me to be extremely careful and vigilant about keeping a clean and safe studio.
     All the best in your show, I hope you prosper well in it!
  • Very nice painting.  Interesting composition.  Good luck with your show.  I'm sure you will do quite well.
  • Great job, probably worth bleeding and puking over. This has a nice perspective and balance. the colors are lively and gives this piece a time and place  one would like to be.
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