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learning from Joshua Reynolds 18th century master

I made it more impressionstic. The original is "smooth" and my girl looks a bit older.


  • Nice brush work around the eyes. 
    I think shadows around her mouth and neck too cool...this creates harsh psychology among other things. You nail it with warmer shadows around her eyes.
    What does this image look like to you if you block out the shadow under her lip. From my phone the shadow under lip looks darker than shadows in creases of the lips.
    Her eyes have strong presence. You got something going on for sure.
    It would be nice for discussion if we didnt have to follow link to another screen.
  • Well you have a few points there. However the problem was that I copied from a very small photo in a book on Reynolds. The writer states that this painting suffered from bleeching through time, although I doubt this. The picture I took with my cheap cellphone is not good at all: the painting is less cold in reality. I did not want to copy Reynolds' style (too milky and too smooth) but I loved the "love" in this painting, the expression of the eyes, something I often can catch, don't ask me why.
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