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advice on selling

edited June 26 in General Discussion
i want to start selling oil painting portraits, and making money
but i need advice on how to go about it.

i have a dillema i need help on,
there are a lot of people who have opinions on how much should be charged
and thats all well and good, but i need to get customers, 
theres no point in charging a lot if nobody ever calls you

currently the only people who ever call me for it are friends and family and i give them special friend & family prices (about 200 euro per portrait)
to be honest id be happy if i could get that from strangers too , its better than nothing !
but im hesitant to offer my stuff online at a low price because i dont want to under sell myself

id like to find my niche for portraits!

so, what should i do? and where do i advertise? can anybody who has been through this shed light on it?
 i have attached my portraits for examples.



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