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Landscape work in progress

edited June 26 in Post Your Paintings
In this painting i started from background to foreground, i usually start foreground to background, i did this because i saw painters do this and i think its good practice because it helps to establish the difference in saturation and details from the beginning .

The real struggle starts in the next layer when i add details,fixes and establishing more feel of depth.

 Note that i can't imagine myself follow every single detail and copy it as it is on mountains and trees so i will try to get the same overall composition with important details only 

Any suggestions and advises please 



  • I know this photograph from Pixabay.  I like how you've cropped it.  Just remember to keep the distant mountains more bluish to provide depth as well as the furtherest trees.  If you include the trees in the midground that approach the lake, that will also add some depth.  Looks like you're well on your way. Looking nice.
  • Yes its from pixabay, its very hard to find photos suited for painting there ! I try to find photos that as natural as possible without so much contrast/saturation.
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