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Staining Canvas- bush lines

I just got the Slow Dry white and made the stain for the canvas. I may have put too much mineral spirits or it's the brush. When I stained the canvas it has brush lines, or streaks, where the canvas shows through. Should I restain or sand and start over?


  • I had the same issue with the canvas' for the Bella and the whitetail deer. it didn't present any problems. As long as it's not distracting and you don't have any textural ridges in the paint (unlikely if the paint is thinned) then you're good to go. Most purchased canvases have at least 2 primer coats so the integrity of the canvas is ensured.
    happy painting!!
  • Sometimes it's hard to see the drawing with the thin stain and streaks. I like to make mine thick and brush it on using a foam brush.
  • thanks Ronna, I'll definitely try the foam next time.
  • As an aside, if you see lots of "slightly-darker-than-cardboard" colors in your subject photo or in your still life, choose a different color for your stain. It drives me nuts when I mix and mix and mix and then paint on the canvas only to not be able to see where I just painted because it matches the stain color.
  • foam works great. just did stained one, and beautiful smooth finish. thanks Ronna. Opnwyder, I found that out after finding this forum, I started out just painting on the canvas, no stain. Then I started staining and found my paint almost matching the stain. I will adjust the stain next time after viewing the photo. thanks
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