Paul Foxton color mixing

This is a very interesting video by Paul Foxton on mixing colors.  I know it’s a lengthy video but it’s good to the very end of the video.

I think his comments on how his mixing affects the chroma along the way is worth considering.  

He mixes his colors differently than I do.  For example I know that ultra marine will affect color, value and chroma when I’m altering a low value Hugh chroma yellow.

I guess I’m thinking of all three when I mix.
what I find interesting with his mixing is how he will mix a grey of similar value and add that to the color he is mixing to reduce the chroma.   I think that method may actually be faster than what I do because I find I spend a lot of time adjusting color when I’m trying to reduce the intensity of the color.

something else he mentions near the end of the video is that he is selling independently by auctioning his art on-line.

heres a link to the video.

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