Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone.

Im Edi.

I am an art student who is learning digital art, im still new to all that but i think it ´s better to start with traditional media because it´s a wonderful way to learn how color Works.

I recently saw all of Mark videos enough to inspire me to work in oils to make paintings for the first time in my life, i really want to learn to paint and im happy to be here, i hope to learn a lot and to help you all with anything i can.

I already made my palette table and my color checker, however, i wanted to ask if anyone knows where to get Mark´s five Winsor & Newton favourite oil painting pigments?.

Im from Mexico, so a lot of the brands that are available in other countries hardly come here, i managed to find 3 of the oils he mentioned (althought the paints i got have the name “WINTON” along the Winsor & Newton label, dunno if that means anything.)

>French Ultramarine.

>Permanent Alizarin Crimson.

>Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue (i only managed to find it with “Hue” at the end, is it the same cadmium yellow pale?)

>Titanium White (i only got the Winsor & Newton one instead of the recomenderd Rembrandt Brand one, i asked various shops if they had Rembrandt artist oil colour titanium White but they all told me Rembrandt doenst come here to Mexico due to it´s high Price).

>Couldn´t find any Winsor & Newton Burnt Umber anywhere.

Do anyone know any good Brand to use besides Winsor & Newton?, here in Mexico, there´s a very common one, “Atl” is the Brand,of it, i don´t think it exist outside of mexico.

In any case, i just wanted to ask if the Brand of oil doesn´t matter, because here, it will be really hard to find a lot of the materials in the supply list.

Im happy to be here, and i want to thank everyone for taking the time to read this (and sory for any posible gramar mistakes)

Thanks Everyone.


  • I started out with hues instead of artist grade oils and I think I got reasonable results. (I exceeded my own expectations thanks to Mark's instruction, fwiw). I'm told the hues are not as strong (in terms of tinting strength) or as consistent (in terms if how strong each tube is) but if I mix using small amounts of paint, following Mark's instruction, it seems to work out. I'm completely new to all this though. I'm hoping Mark's paint will be available soon :)
  • edi

    The Winton variety of W&N is also known as student grade paint. Weaker pigment strength and a higher proportion of filler. But priced to save money.

    You may have some difficulty achieving the same value and chroma as Mark gets with the Artist's grade stuff.

    While the Artist grade is more expensive to buy, you do need a lot less of it to mix values.

    Check out these Mexican stockists of Winsor and Newton:
    Arte Y Material SA de CV
    Ayuntamiento No 164
    Col. Centro
    C.P. 06040
    Mexico 1 D.F.
    Tel: + 52 (55) 5521 1560
    Fax: + 52 (55) 5512 4587
    [email protected]
    Winsor & Newton Distributor

    Casa Serra Sucesores Sa De Cv
    Bolivar 87-A, Centro
    06080 Mexico
    Tel: + 525 709 7783
    Fax: + 525 709 6618
    [email protected]
    Winsor & Newton Distributor

    Distribuidora Rodin Sa De Cv
    Venado, 163
    Col. Los Olivos
    Cp 13210
    Tel: + 525 840 2580
    Fax: + 525 840 2590
    [email protected]
    Winsor & Newton Distributor
  • Hola Edi y buenos noches. Su engles esta perfecto y muy facil a intender.

    Welcome to the forum. The paints you have purchased will work fine for the purpose. Winton is the "student grade" version of the Winsor and Newton paints but it will work just fine. The slightly higher grade paint from Windsor and Newton that Mark recommends is the "Artists" version.

    I'd suggest looking on eBay for your paints. HERE is some burnt umber that they are willing to ship to Mexico.

    One thing I would point out is that you will need more white paint than anything else, so you may want to get another tube of the white.

    -Scot White
  • rgr
    I understand, thanks, so it seems like a hue color is not as strong as a normal color, seems like my yellow will be harder to mix.

    Oh okay, so it is like a starter´s paint, that´s too bad, i would love to have the Artist grades ones, but i couldn´t find it, im from Toluca and the one shop i have close is the one in Mexico City (D.F.) but i dont think i will be able to go all the way to that shop anytime soon, however, thanks for the info.

    Thanks for the clarification, and for the ebay site, seems like it will be more viable for me to get my paints from ebay, and for the white paint tip, do you know why Mark says is more convenient to have the Linseed Rembrandt one?

    hi shirley.
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    The Winton oils are student grade as dencal described. However, the term "hue" only signifies that a substitute pigment or pigment mixture is used in place of a traditional pigment. It does not necessarily signify less strength or inferiority...in some cases the hue version may be superior to a traditional pigment as it often is with regard to resistance to fading in strong light or in being less toxic.

    I believe that the Winsor & Newton Titanium White contains some amount of safflower oil. Rembrandt offers Titanium White formulated with only linseed oil and another with safflower oil. Many people using Mark's slow-dry medium have experienced problems when it is added to Titanium White containing safflower oil.
  • Welcome Edi :-h.
    Good luck with the gathering and setting up stage of DMP. It can seem like it takes forever, but you’ll be painting soon. Lots of good advice above for you already. The forum is a very helpful group of folks :). I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your work, (love your forum picture).
  • CharleyBoy
    I see, thanks for the clarification, i will try to experiment with them to see how they are, and i´ll see if i can find here some linseed oil titanium white.

    Yeah, it wasn´t too easy to find all the materials and to construct the table and color checker, but now that i have them im eager to sart painting, the only hard part will be checking what oils i have available here, thanks for the kind words, hope to see some work from you too!


    Nice to meet you!
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