Mixing with the limited palette

What Ted is used on the limited palette. I’ve tried Alizarin Crimson, but just doesn’t seem to get the results I want.


  • Yep. Permanent Alizarin Crimson. Google "draw mix paint supply list". There is a link to Winsor and Newton color options.
  • PR264 - Pyrrol Rubine
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    Pr254 - Pyrolle Red is also a clean red.  It's what Ferrari uses.

    With any of the reds, including the cadmiums, there can be some latitude in hue varying from slightly-orange scarlet to magenta-shaded crimsom between manufacturers.  In-part for marketing ...and in-part in how the pigments are manufactured and processed into tube-paints.  One manufacturer's medium can be similar to another's light ...or deep...yet both being the same pigment code.  Or the masstone hue can be the same, but the undertone when mixed with white can be different.
  • Pyrolle Red is primarily the red that Mark is using on his limited palette. I’ve been practicing on using this palette With Cadmium Red light and just can’t seem to get the color match that I was shooting for.
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    It says Permanent Alizarin Crimson on his supply list. I'm confused.

    http://www.drawmixpaint.com/supplylist/international.html Nothing about Pyrolle
  • It's not Pyrrole Red (PR254 or PR255 for the light version). Those are Reds with more of an orange bias.

    Mark uses Pyrrole Ruby / Pyrrol Rubine (PR264) which is a dark red with a blue bias. This gives you more subdued reds, but a range of violet and purples.

    The international supply list is for W&N paints which are the most commonly available around the world. They don't have Pyrrole Rubine in their range, but they have Permanent Alizarin Crimson (PR177 I believe) which is a similar dark red with a blue bias.

  • Oh, right you are, just checked his site. Perm Aliz Crimson looks surprisingly pink to me. If I ever feel limited, will check out Pyrrole Rubine. Thanks!
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    I see Graham’s pyrroll red has a number I don’t understand 

    anyone know what that means on a color chart.

    I think I’ve figured it out..
    that’s Graham’s number the color number is pr 254

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