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Waiting for light at the end of the tunnel . A self portrait in crisis ... OOC 30x20 cm


  • Welcome back. This is superb. Atmospheric, emotional and timely. 
  • My God @LDuran
    Where have you been ?? 
    I hope you’re safe and well.  I often think about you as you are one of the artists here I most admire. 
    I’ve missed you posting your beautiful paintings.  
    This latest portrait is sad and melancholic but very compelling. 

  • I can feel the concern without even looking into your eyes.  I hope that light is the bright blue sky.
  • I am very well .... and painting at least 2 canvases a week ... I work as a doctor and Brazil is at the top of the curve ... the work is hard ... and each one who gets cured makes my life has meaning ... a great hug for you all
  • Very glad to hear you’re doing well @LDuran but I’m sure you must be going through a particularly tough time at the moment. 
    Your painting must be a great source of comfort to you in these grim times. 
    So happy to see more of your beautiful work. Very inspiring. 
    A big hug for you too. 😊🤗
  • @L.Duran  I applaud both your compassion and courage.   
  • edited June 17
    Wow, @L.Duran, that is a very powerful portrait!    Just wonderful.  :)
  • What a moving painting. Hopefully conditions will improve for you and Brazil.
  • edited June 17
     It,s a great momento to make us think about our lives and relationships ... we all returm biger ... the world is troubled and wild ... we need lessons to get us on the right track ... this virus is very competent
  • That’s a very novel way to look at it. 
    I hadn’t thought of it that way before. 
    To me it feels as though we are all being turned into fearful , masked , automated copies of each other. 
    Maybe I’m the exception but that’s how it feels to me. 

  • stay strong .... watch the world ... we always forget about neighbors and relatives ... strangers never say anything ... we need to participate in this change ... THE WORLD WILL NOT BE THE SAME ..this virus is a herald of a new world ... we have two ways to learn: either by reasoning or suffering ... kisses and stay strong
  • edited June 18
    I hope we're smart enough to heed the lessons. I agree about the "reasoning". Only science can get us out of this.  :)
  • I think the uncertainty about EVERYTHING is the worst thing. 
    Who do we believe , who can we trust? 
    Who is in charge ? 
    When will it end ? 
    Will it end ? 
    You sound like a strong person @LDuran.  You’d have to be to survive on the front line. 

  • I trust the human being ... I am sure that nothing lasts forever; bad or good things; we are all being tested; WE ARE IN THE BEGINNING OF A NEW WORLD ... reasoning has not led us to this ... providence gives us the opportunity of pain ... which is wonderful in providing us with changes ... humanity is blessed at this time .. stay strong and cultivate peace and especially patience ... my hope is that each death will be a seed against human egoism to be sown in human hearts ... we are much better than we have been ... we just need to see that ... the virus will be competent ... pray and watch
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