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A Pink Lady

This is my first apple painting. A square canvas 12x12 
Has anyone here bought the Geneva Cad Red ? The new power colour? 
I’m thinking of buying it but I have almost two full tubes of the Rubine left. I’d love if you could get small  tubes  of those power colours because one tube would last a lifetime I’m sure. And they are SO expensive. 
I’m not complaining at all because I think with Geneva paint , you get what you paid for. The quality is second to none. 
But I’d love advice about those power colours before I invest in them. 



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    That's a very edible looking apple, @Hilary. Good to see you turning out another painting so soon. 

    If you wanted to save some money then rather than buying a full sized tube of the Geneva power red (which I'm sure is excellent) you could just buy a very wee tube of a good brand of cadmium red at your local art store. You're right, it will last for ages because you would rarely need to use it and when you do it will be in tiny amounts. But make sure it's pure cad red and not a "hue".    :)

  • I was wondering about that , Rob. 
    If I buy a cad red , from another manufacturer, do I need to use a solvent or a medium ? . That’s what l love about Geneva paint. The texture.  
    And the fact you can use them straight from the tube. 
    If I ever add other paint to Geneva , it turns out sticky. 
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    Yes, Hilary, you would need to add medium to get the same consistency and levelling properties as Geneva paint. You could use Mark's medium recipe. But if you're really comfortable with Geneva paints and don't want to have to worry about getting all the ingedients and making medium then, yes, I'd go with the Geneva power colours.  :)

    When I first started we couldn't get Geneva paints in Australia and so I got used to using a local Aussie brand. Otherwise I'd probably be using Geneva paints, too.  :)
  • I agree with tassieguy. I don't mind using non-geneva paints with walnut oil, but if you just want to paint then the power colours would be easier (but expensive) for you.

    Why don't you start a thread asking if anyone has got a half-used tube they want to sell you?
  • BTW: Lovely apple, it looks very realistic. I think you've made a jump in realism here. :)
  • That looks good enough to eat @Hilary

  • Great apple painting and from oils not a computer.
  • Thanks  guys. 
    I’m doing a whole series of fruit paintings at the moment. 
    So relaxing. 
  • Looks good @Hilary.
    take a closer look at the shadow.  Should the edge of the shadow be sharper closer to the bass of the apple?  It do you need to soften it further back?
    You might want to try playing around with the lighting.  The darkest part of the shadow should be immediately under the base of the apple.  I’m talking about the shadow that sits on the table below the apple where no reflected light bounces in.
    It may be that because you have your light source so low and to your right that you are getting light there.  But that may give the feel that the apple is not sitting solidly on the table.
    I have heard from some friends that they refuse to paint fruit.  But I find it very interesting and it offers a lot of painting challenges and just plain fun to paint.
  • You were absolutely right @GTO
    You're very perceptive. 
    It’s still wet , so I was able to just soften it with my  finger. Thank you 😊 
  • looking forward to your next fruit painting.
  • Yummy, beautiful apple.
  • i love it looks very realistic
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