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Why is my black background showing up crunchy and weird?

It doesn't look smooth. Is this a problem with technique? Am I not using medium evenly? Was tough to photograph. I'm tempted to paint over it to see if that helps.

Apparently it's got a fuzz on it, please excuse.



  • edited June 16
    The dark background may be drying unevenly with the drier areas looking flat - especially if you used burnt umber. This is normal. If this is the case, the evenness and depth of colour will return when you oil out or apply a final varnish. If this is not the problem then there was probably some variation in the paint to medium ratio in different parts of the background or you painted some parts thicker than others. If either is the case, you could paint over the background when dry using an all over even ratio of paint to medium. That should fix the problem.  :)
  • mhqoil

    This looks like long vertical dry brush strokes over a partly set up black back ground. Consequently, the surface alteration has changed the reflectance characteristics and opacity of the paint. I agree with the fix suggested by Rob.


  • Thanks @tassieguy and @dencal I will paint over it again. I think the issue of having different amounts of medium was the problem.
  • We are so lucky to have @dencal and @tassieguy to rely on for spotting problems and providing advice. Their expertise and generosity really make the forum what it is.
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