Hello everyone, newbie from Ireland

Hello hello!
I finally found the courage to sign up to this forum, you are all so talented!
I've been following Mark for years on youtube and read the course he has on his website.
This year I finally saw a class online so I made the investment and signed up for that. I am super excited, bought the divider, the colour checker, the paints. Maybe I went overboard but really want to make sure not to leave things by chance, even bought a black hat!
I've been painting for a good while, totally self taught, I'll put some of my paintings on the right channel just to give you an idea. 
I know absolutely nothing about real painting, and I really hope Mark and you guys could help me make a difference in my paintings. 
Thank you so much for all the answers I found already in this forum, I'll be asking some questions, I'm sure!


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