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OLD Postcard photo

I found this old postcard that I really liked the subject matter.   It was brown and i felt I could try to bring it back to life with some color.    Not sure what those colors would have been back in the day, so i'm not sure if I'm finished or not.   I feel like i want to do more, but not sure what.   Any suggestions appreciated. 
Thank you


  • The shadow under the hat brim may be too dark.  It's hard to tell.  There should be some reflected light and color in that area.  Something about his feet bothers me, but can't see it well enough to tell what it is.  I can see why you liked this.  Other than those two things, I think you did a very good job of it.
  • good as gold. 1950 might be right about the feet. The feet are small and make him look unbalanced (not mentally though)
  • Thank you for the advise. I will work those areas most definitely. I feel like the hands were not just right,but they pretty much are in the same angle as the pic.  Again appreciate the help.
  • HilaryHilary -
    edited June 16
    I think the shoe is the problem. It looks like there is no foot in it. @greendl
    In the original, we only see the tip of the shoe, in your painting we see more than half of it. And it’s flat. It looks as if his foot has slipped out of it. 
    Maybe you could lengthen the trousers to cover most of the shoe? 
    To me , the hands are fine. 
    It’s an unusual painting , and tells us a lot about the old man. 

  • Right, the angle of the foot is off a little. The trouser, great idea.  Ty
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