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Parallel Worlds

What do you think ? Should i keep painting? 😅


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    Could you tell us the size and medium used? Is it acrylic, oil or mixed media on canvas or board? I'd like to get an idea of what it looks like in the flesh. Or was it all done on a computer?
    The colour is strong. There seem to be some interesting textures.  :)
  • Mangarsan

    Welcome to the Forum.

    If painting meets a need, then you should keep doing it. The product is less important, except where your income relies on selling work.

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    Hello and welcome.

    "Should you keep painting?"

    Thats really a personal decision for you. Is it something you want to pursue, something you enjoy etc.

    If you are asking those on the forum if you should keep painting on the basis of this one piece then I think

    that no one else should decide that for you.

    If you are asking the question because, maybe you feel that you are not at a level that is good enough the remedy for that is to practice and work until you feel that you are.

    Above all enjoy it.

  • @Mangarsan the painting has a joyful feel.  The colors harmonize well.  You may have a natural sense of use of color .
    Subject wise I don’t understand what the object in the center is or the balloon shapes.
    It seems to be representing something positive breaking through and being set free.
    I am interested in seeing more of your paintings.
  • @GTO, @MichaelD, @dencal, @tassieguy
    thanks for all your comments. I’m really new with painting joy, everything was made with an iPad and I really enjoyed. I recommend the procreate app on iPad it’s amazing !! 
    I will try to find my style and improve my skills but thank you all for the nice words.
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