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Milk and cookies!

edited June 12 in Post Your Paintings
For this week’s practice piece I made a real effort to use the proportional divider for everything. I found it made a huge difference to the accuracy of my drawing.  When I superimposed the sketch over a photo to check it, I realised that the only areas I’d made mistakes with were the bits I’d estimated. There’s a lesson!

I also never realised there were so many colours in milk.

sorry the light changed for the paint. I decided I didn’t want the harsh yellow side light. That’s resulted in differences from the shadows in the photo to the study.



  • I like the composition and the challenges with the items you’ve chosen.
    the ellipse on the top of the glass looks like the back side curves more than the front.  It might be that the left and right edges of the ellipse are darker in the photo.  
    The milk really looks like milk thick and creamy whole milk.  
  • Looks yum. That milk is great.  :)
  • Well done,
    Thats true, things we think are white actually have a variation of colours.

  • Very nice job. If it matters, the cookies and towel are not as detailed as the milk glass and the bg looks a little rushed but it's still quite good. 
  • If you check both reference and painting photos using ruler or proportion devider you will see in the reference the grid pattern while it gets away from you it gets smaller, surprisingly a very noticable difference in lengths, this is of course because of perspective that works too on still lifes...this will remove the confusion of why although i painted the fabric right and reaching the same hieght relative to the cup but it still looks flat .
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