New Painting - Granny Smith Country Apples

I've worked on this painting last week, inspire by a reference photo. I took a printout to the farmer's market. Got all the Grannies I needed, and then I went to the dollar store. They have nice size clearance on summer stuff still. So I just happened to find almost the exact same table cloth. Set up my still life, and went at it.
I worked on this painting for 3 days, and took my own photo, just in case the fruit started going south on me.
Looking at Mark's latest videos, I kept in mind not to wash out some area with over blending. I've been having a problem with that in other paintings. When it does happen, I finish the painting, let it dry, and fix one spot at time. This one, I just let it be.

Size: 10 x 24" Thanks for looking and commenting.

21.jpg 69.1K


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