A Different Kind Of Canvas - 3M Respirator Mask & A "7 seconds" Challenge - Finished

This is the mask that I wear daily at my work and when I go shopping. It's the only one that I have and I need this much protection. Obviously this is overkill for going shopping with and in public it looks intimidating, and very awkward to speak through, and not everyone feels comfortable looking for a stranger's smiling eyes.
 So, I chose to paint an image in the circular part in the middle of the mask with a very simple image, using only 3 colors max. It measures 1 3/8" across, a nice size button! This image must evoke a sure good feeling within 7 seconds of just about everyone seeing it, without fail!. I am using acrylic gesso, paint and varnish for this project. My selection of acrylic paint is severely limited, ie; I don't have red paint but I have red ink. I have yellow and a mix to make black, and I have a good white to work with.
 For the moment I am leaning toward yellow, white and black, and I have been toying around with an effective "emoji".

Your input, c&c welcome.





  • Emoji with a mask...that's the picture of this time.  :#
  • This is so true, many uses for that one today.
  • Forgiveness

    I like the thumbs up version below.

  • Good Idea lest you be mistaken for Darth Vader. 
  • Lol! I probably indeed sound a lot like him when I occasionally have to speak. Maybe I'll learn a few of his lines and use them myself while out shopping, lol!
  • Mau duh foff be wiff youuu.
  • Emoji doesn't need eyes. Just do a smile!
  • @mhqoil Yes, this gets right to the heart of the matter in the immediate sense, clearly.
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    This is what I decided to go with, looking forward to take it for a test run, lol!
     I will apply a coat of UV matte varnish before my next use. I can change this image anytime I wish in the future as well, making it even more fun, no worries.
  • That should provoke a few smiles, @Forgiveness:)
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    Thanks, I trust this will help overall.
    I can further explore this medium by using quite a variety of cartoon images of animal jaws or noses such as, sharks teeth, bear, lion, tattoo type image of a smoking gun, snake jaws, pig's nose, and on and on. I may shop around for stickers that I may use as well.

     Often little things can make a big difference, it's the little things that matter the most.
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    Great idea!  This is my favorite mask so far from a James Gurney Video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmFlycEexQA

    I have been tempted to paint a mask on my face.....
  • yeah! masks can be a lot of fun and interesting @skutumpah . I don't like scary appearances unless the occasion calls for it. In this case the general public need encouragement and support to wear a mask where it's important. In creating a design for a mask, make sure it remains quite breathable. I haven't seen much creativity applied in my area just yet, much too seriousness, lol! 
     I might be on the look out for plastic animal parts from discarded toys that I may attach such as, elephant trunk, shark fin, mustache or whiskers, rhino horn and other odds and funnies, maybe part of one of those foam red bricks sticking out of the side my face. Lol!
  • I like the idea of animal toy parts.
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    Btw the emoji on my mask has been removed several months now, it was ok in the beginning of the crisis, but doesn't really cut it now. 

    I just wanted to say, "I'm Darth Vader, may the force be with you", it works real well where I live. What a hoot! Lol!!! One of the brightest parts of my days these days!
     I'll post photos of my whole outfit that I wear for my head while outdoors soon. I'm in process of developing ideas that I have for a self portrait during this crisis and we now have snow and bright sunshine when it shines, very beautiful and effective for what I have in mind. The photos I will show will undoubtedly clear up any misconceptions, a sneak peak; I like wearing reflective sunglasses outside and it goes well with my mask and attire, and just add sunshine and snow, with a beautiful clear sky in the background. Photos to follow soon, what a hoot, so looking forward! in a new post, new title.

    Be well, stay strong, be safe and be very, very careful!
    And no matter what is happening, just please keep on painting.

  • I used to dabble at making classical guitars.  Turns out to be a very toxic occupation with the tropical woods and all the CA glue.  I also noticed when I procured a large set of back issues to a publication that a lot of custom makers seemed to die young.  So I splashed out and got a Racal helmet with air supply. 20 years on I wear it to the grocery, which is my main outing these days.  Sure it feels stupid, but to the extent that one needs a mask, it should be one that actually has a hope of working.  COVID is communicated as an aerosol, so the spit masks are not even that effective at prottecting others let alone oneself.  Each individual gets to choose their PPE.
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    At the beginning of the pandemic I was the only one on our streets to wear this, it is all I had, and I was being teased and shamed for it in public. I was feeling so uncomfortable and seemingly out of place that I switched and wore a bandana double layered only for a very short period, until these were deemed inadequate. Now I am wearing my 3M mask again with no inhibitions at all.
     This is an extremely contagious virus, extremely challenging to navigate, and I knew this full blast back in March 2020. I will never underestimate the real severe danger that this virus and pandemic has imposed on us all everywhere, I will never forget this even for 1 second no matter where I may be. And now we have the 2nd strain of this virus on the loose, I knew this was going to be dangerous from the beginning!

    My next challenge is, how do I do this when it is -20 & -40 Celsius outdoors, Lol!

    I'm just simply taking care & hoping for a better year ahead.
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