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A Different Kind Of Canvas - 3M Respirator Mask & A "7 seconds" Challenge - Finished

This is the mask that I wear daily at my work and when I go shopping. It's the only one that I have and I need this much protection. Obviously this is overkill for going shopping with and in public it looks intimidating, and very awkward to speak through, and not everyone feels comfortable looking for a stranger's smiling eyes.
 So, I chose to paint an image in the circular part in the middle of the mask with a very simple image, using only 3 colors max. It measures 1 3/8" across, a nice size button! This image must evoke a sure good feeling within 7 seconds of just about everyone seeing it, without fail!. I am using acrylic gesso, paint and varnish for this project. My selection of acrylic paint is severely limited, ie; I don't have red paint but I have red ink. I have yellow and a mix to make black, and I have a good white to work with.
 For the moment I am leaning toward yellow, white and black, and I have been toying around with an effective "emoji".

Your input, c&c welcome.





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