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Need some Collage advice

A client has asked me to take two portraits and infuse them into a collage in a creative way.  I can paint realistically, but can't seem to get my head around creating something while infusing the two photos.  I could use some inspiration if anyone has any ideas.  It's an old photo of a Father and Son (father passed recently) and a photo of the son (grown now) and his son.  


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    @rolotomasi  Would it work maybe to have elements of the lower image situated on the left and elements from the top image on the right.
    It may look as though his farther is looking at his son & grandson.

    If that makes sense.
  • mhqoilmhqoil -
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    Flip the top photo and have grandfather looking up at his grandson? Seems really hard. And honestly seems weird. Good luck!
  • The challenge here is the differences in lighting of the two and the lower/older photo being less focused and detailed. The usual treatment for combining two photos is to have one background that frames two individual photo subjects. Funeral homes often do this to combine pictures of a person at different times in their lives. Then converting it to a giclée so it looks like a painting on canvas. If you have photoshop or similar it would be a lot easier. One advantage you have is the freedom oils give you.
  • These are helpful ideas, thanks guys.  I do have photoshop and can combine the photos easily for a reference.  I guess my issue is the combining of both feels like a movie poster and less like a timeless painting.  I don't want this too look too cheesy lol  
  • You might make it look like the older photo is silk screened on the shirt of the grown son instead of the Texans logo.
  • I would choose either Stanford or Harvard, though based on the second photo I think he’s going to be a gymnast.  😀
  • I would be interested, @rolotomasi, to hear what you decided.
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