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Varnish over fixative spray?

So in my one painting I have some charcoal and other mixed I wanted to spray it with a krylon fixative spray before varnishing with that okay to do? 


  • JessicaArt

    The Krylon Webpage Q&A says....

    Hello. Our Workable Fixatif is not for use over oil paint. Instead, our UV Archival Varnish would be a fine choice.
    Regards, Krylon Customer Service

    Elsewhere they advise that as long as the fixative is completely cured it is safe to work over graphite and charcoal etc. A light sanding may improve surface reception.

    I can’t advise effects on “other mixed media”, but the reviews of this product are pretty bad.

  • I'm not sure so I'm reluctant to add... do some people use varnish like gamvar over charcoal? I think spraying with varnish would be ok but not a fixative like K-lon. I would worry about varnishing with a brush but again no direct experience with the char-mix-med.
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