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First DMP portrait-WIP

ebsebs -
edited June 2013 in Post Your Paintings
EDIT: The two pictures posted in my comments below are better in color etc. then my first pictures in this comment.

This is my first potrait using Mark's teaching. I must say that I owe him a BIG thanks! I''m already far better at mixing colors than before. This WIP is a copy/study of the painting Gabrielle Cot by Bouguereau

I'm just painting the face to begin with, because I only have a photo of that part of the painting which is the size I wanted to paint it. I know I'm not copying Bouguereau's excact same painting style/brush strokes but this is my first attempt at copying colors excactly so that's what I'm focusing on. I've tried not to blend that much, allthough I've done it in some places.

I'm painting the face larger than the original painting, which I find a bit challenging besides the fact that the photo I'm working from isn't as high res as I would like it to be, (as I keep chasing tiny color differences, and end up maybe mixing too many colors) but it was the best I could find.

Not the greatest pics I have to show you but hopefully it gives some idea of what I've done so far.

Constructive criticism welcomed!

dencalMark_Carderjcdr[Deleted User]sue_deutscherDamocles1


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