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FASO (Fine Art Studio Online) - websites platform for artists

romanroman -
edited June 5 in General Discussion
@tassieguy, @Kaustav, @Forgiveness, @BOB73, @Hilary, @MyArtsClub, @MikeDerby, @marieb Hi friends, do you know about FASO? They present for symbolic payment personal sites with many possibilities. First month is trial and free. Take a look, please, on my site At the top of my home page there is possibility to go to FASO. If anybody will create account in FASO I will get "piece of cake" - discount for one month payment. Of course, you can find FASO.COM with Google and don't visit my website. Good luck! I am finishing my first 'new era' oil painting keeping in mind old Holland masters. Hard job! 40x60cm and more then two months... 


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