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Loose Brushwork and Accurate Values

edited May 31 in Painting
At this point in my painting process, I check colors a lot and therefore my brush strokes are very small and tight in order to keep the values accurate. It's very tedious and I hope one day to have looser brushwork especially for larger and more detailed scenes (ex: a crowd of people where I don't want to paint each person in detail). I have a hard time imagining how to do this since large sweeping brush strokes will cover an area with many changes in value. How do you maintain accurate values and also have loose brushwork?


  • Common problem. It just  takes time and practice which has been proven by any DMP painter who has "graduated" some after less than a dozen paintings but many could need twice that. following the method strictly in the beginning is often the key to earlier success. I'm still like you, having to rely on color checking and laying out step by step values in my color strings. But I'm an expert at seeing how novices progress using the DMP method. The method has a way of teaching you how to read values and mix colors more intuitively as you progress to finally not needing them. 
  • Thanks @Richard_P! This is an awesome guide. I'll have to keep it for reference. It gives me some hope and some things to experiment with. I think it will be an interesting exercise to do what you mentioned and see how much simplification of detail I can get away with.
  • Check out morgan weistlings paintings and other realist artists who have some elements of impressionism in their work.

    Weistling especially makes the abstraction looseness thing look easy because the values and colours in his paintings are so perfect. His brushwork style is similar to marks but he paints at a much higher level in my opinion
  • Thank you @Richard_P I hope you don't mind but I copied and saved this information for future reference.  Great tips!
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