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Slow Dry Medium (SDM) Has Particles, Okay?

The SDM has little particles.
Should I let them be, is that okay?
I appreciate your help!
Image below:


  • dencaldencal -
    edited May 29

    Welcome to the Forum.

    This looks like crystals of resin from the dried Venetian turpentine.
    Sitting on the bottom of the jar won’t present a problem. Just don’t get them into your paint mix.

    Three solutions. 
    1. Leave as is and the solvents might disappear the particles.
    2. Decant the fluid and separate out the particles.
    3. Immerse the closed container in hot water for an hour or so to incorporate the particles in solution.

    Alternately, the ‘particles’ may be fine air bubbles from agitation that will naturally float out.
    Perhaps small water droplets. If so they will pool on the bottom. Decant off good SDM.

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