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A portrait today.. Alla prima. Oil on primed paper


  • edited May 29
    Lovely. She's got attitude.  Nice brush work on the feathers. That poor chicken! :)
  • Those cheekbones are poppin! Also I can clearly see it is a SWAN. Gosh, how offensive.  ;) Those feathers are nice. I'm definitely curious to learn more about her.
  • Are you finished?  Very good.  Wish I could do so well.
  • Great job. Curious expression. First time I've been envious of a swan.
  • What kind of paper?  I ask because artists use several kinds.  Cesar Santos prepares the paper in his sketchbooks, and then paints in oil on them.  He uses what he calls clear gesso.  I've heard of it but never seen or used it.  Can you tell me a little about it?  My thinking is that almost anything liquid applied to sketchbook paper would cause the paper to wrinkle or curl.  I've used paper canvas, but don't like it.  It's slippery.  I've also used canvas pads, which I like,  But I've been thinking about trying Cesar's method of painting in my sketchbook . . . keeping them all together.
  • @broker12

    I recently bought a couple of pads of Arches Hule oil-oleo pure cotton paper for paining on.
    Does not need priming.
    Specifically designed for oil painting, this durable 100% cotton, acid-free, 140 lb (300 gsm) paper features a fine grain, tough NOT surface that absorbs water and solvents, allowing the paint and pigment to remain on the surface for a vibrant effect.This is perfect for withstanding vigorous painting techniques like rubbing and scraping, and is heavy enough to support impasto layers.

    I have not tried it out yet, but it seems very good quality.

  • Interested in painting in oil in your sketchbook?  Here's how Cesar Santos prepares his sketchbook pages so he can paint on them in oil:

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