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Selling work

Hi every one. 
It's my opinion that financially painting artists are not sound history of painters is open evidence.why is this happen.
I am from Pakistan few artists are dominated in art galleries and no chance for youngers. This is very desperate situation for young artists,
You people are very lucky you all are senior artist kindly guide me regarding this.
Hope hearing from all of your comments.


  • One way to approach this is to enter competitions.  There would be the opportunity to sell and gain some recognition.  Some gallery owners may notice you and then approach you to represent your work.
  • Alraai

    Throughout history, across the globe 80% of artists die in poverty, unknown and unrecognised.
    15% achieve a subsistence income and some recognition. The remaining 5% earn somewhere along the scale ranging from subsistence to stratospheric. This is the natural order of things.

    I suggest the remaining 5% with some measure of success are operating to a mental or written business and marketing plan. It is not enough to be just a good artist. When the space under the bed and the wardrobe and the spare room are full of beautiful works on canvas, an artist will realise more needs to be done about price, promotion, product and place.

    if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


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    @Alraai, making money from painting has never been easy but here are a few ideas you could pursue once you think your work is of a good enough standard:

    - Enter your work in shows and competions. As well as the possibility of winning prize money, works in shows/competitions are usually for sale and often sell.

    -Market your work online. And maybe do cryto art and sell through blockchain.

    - Find a commercial gallery to represent you.

    - Paint lots of small works that ordinary people could afford and set up a stall in your local market.

    - Seek out commissions for portraits. If people are happy with your work their friends will want their portraits painted too.

    If your work is good,  and if you are committed and persevere,  you'll eventually sell work. But don't expect to become rich and famous anytime soon and, unless you are retired already, keep your day job.  :)
  • Yep, its the same in other arts such as the acting profession. There are a lot more of them out of work than in, and there are probably many brilliant actors that we have never heard of and never will. And so its the same with painters.

    Getting yourself known out there does require a business mind and planning which is sometimes at odds with the artistic temperament.

  • Yeah. we need a Britton's Got Talent for artists.  watching those talent shows underscores @dencal 's comments. look at all those performers that perform at a better than superstar level that are never heard of but also the ones that thought  they had superstar potential but didn't. Here's a link to a previous discussion with a lot of good advice and more links.
  • I will always insist on this : if my work is good enough it will always get appreciated, where i would expect myself to get if i dont know anything about perspective design compsition and human anatomy proportions when painting portrait or human figure...believe me extra knowledge  directly reflects on performance

    If you want to paint an animal for example, you may say to yourself i am an artist and artist are like mirrors can paint everything they see, this is what i was telling myself for a long time...but the harsh truth is that it was a block i created unconsciously to feel more confident and not to make effort to learn something new .

    It wouldnt hurt if i grab a book regarding sketches and drawings for various animals !

    I advise you to go to smaller shops that might be interested to buy from you and then maybe individuals may start to ask for commisions...the most important thing is that you keep producing paintings because you enjoy the process and with the spirit of making this art available for everyone anywhere not just for galaries .
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