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Ballet Dancer

I am 75% done with this Dancer. The image is from a photo.  The canvas is 4'x 4'.

I have several questions;

1- The dress fabric. I believe the fabric is called "Toile", (the same fabric as a Tutu) is not coming out well.
    The fabric does not read as a sheet see-thru fabric. I know with oil it will not read completely as see-thru,
     but I am hoping for shading that the dress reads as see-thru.

2- Skin tone. I am using; white, yellow ochre and cadmium red. Not enough red cad?

3- All comments and suggestions are very welcome.

4- I hope all you artists are safe and washing your hands and showering more then once a month.

5- Best Regards to all and thanks for the assist.



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