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Question; Brush or Palette knife when mixing Color Strings? Discuss...

I prefer to do my initial mixing with a palette knife to keep my sealable palette of fresh paint "clean", and lay out my strings on a separate paper palette or a piece of glass.  I'll do my fine-tuning with a brush, but I don't like to just mash a brush in, or work paint deep into the bristles or the ferrule.

It's a lot easier to wipe a palette knife clean with a rag, or on the edge of the palette.


  • edited May 2020
    I agree, I believe that this practise would cause less wear and hardship on the bristle brush, also I get much fewer brush hairs including minute particles of brush hairs mixed in my paint that I otherwise would have to stop and pick them out. And, add the extra cleaning of the brush causing further unecessary wear. I work within a very strict budget, so wherever I can $ave and especially so in our present times. But I will not compromise on quality in any area of oil painting.
  • A palette knife is best for sure. It makes it easier to scoop up and move puddles of paint around cleanly and is much easier to clean than a brush. And as @Forgiveness says, mixing large amounts can be pretty hard on brushes. 
  • Also forgot to mention, the paint I work with is stiff, quite thick, in this case the palette knife is better for mixing.
  • Palette knife for me. I find it so much more efficient than a brush. 
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