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Want to paint a portrait?

edited May 13 in General Discussion
For those of you that would like to try a portrait. I thought a paint along thread would be a fun way for members to paint the same subject and post their progress as the painting develops.

The idea is we would paint from the source photo  following the DMP(Draw-Mix-Paint) process. The purpose of painting the same images is so we can ALL offer advice and guidance from common ground. You can paint as fast or as slow as you like - the main object is to paint. 

Thought a small 8x10 B&W portrait value study would be a good way to test this concept. Would like to do more of these in the future is there is an interest from the group.

Below is a shot of the source material - I will post a link to the hi-res jpg print file along with additional info in thread. Look for the Group Paint Along - Portrait Value Study thread in the Post Your Paintings section of DMP forum.

Please note this is for learning and skill building purposes only. It is not a competition or a way to promote a member or an agenda. 



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