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Thoughts on potentially controversial painting

mhqoilmhqoil -
edited May 11 in General Discussion
For context, I am a white person who likes the idea of painting historical women in modern contexts. I recognize this needs to be done with the upmost consideration regarding current values around political correctness and cultural appropriation - which I care about being sensitive to.

My first idol ever was Harriet Tubman, and I recall clearly being overwhelmed with admiration for her when I learned about her in primary school. She has a lovely photo as an elderly woman in a shawl where she seems at safe, comfortable and at rest, a contrast with the extreme challenges of her younger life. I love this photo of her.

As is common knowledge, she helped hundreds of enslaved people escape to Canada. I live in British Columbia, and if I could, I would like to take her to the ocean here. It is stunning, and I think she would appreciate resting near the ocean here. I want to paint her at the ocean in British Columbia, with the intention of honoring her.

Do you have any thoughts on whether this might be inappropriate? I feel I have put together a scene that is respectful and honors her. I believe she does not get enough honor, specially in white culture. If you have other suggestions on how to do that, I am interested. I obviously I'm interested in symbolism and don't want to shy away from the issue of race, while still being respectful of sensitivities.

I might post this on a few different forums to make sure I get a variety of feedback

Thank you!


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