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Your Favorite Art Sites

What are your favorite 4 or 5 art websites?  I'd like to expand my knowledge by reading a few art sites.  DMP is fine, but I'd like to visit other educational sites.  If this is inappropriate, please remove it.


  • This is the only dedicated art website I frequent.  However, I do view a lot of art channels on YouTube, including the following:
    Florent Farges
    Cesar Santos
    Streamline Video (they've been posting pretty long segments of their art instruction DVD's over recent weeks)

  • DMP is the only site I visit regularly but one of the reasons I like it so much is that members frequently will post a link to another site with art or instruction or an artist's site or blog. Other sites I viewed before finding DMP had too much misinformation, ugly comments or just didn't appeal to me. DMP has exposed me to over 100 people that I can relate to and whose struggles and challenges were similar to mine. One of the best things about DMP is the feeling of happiness and pride I get when someone has really progressed and won a contest or had their work shown in a gallery or just completed a painting without having to go through all the paint mixing steps. 
  • Several that changed my whole perspective;

    Paul Foxton's Learning to See ...he also posts on YouTube.  He exposed me to the Munsell Color Space and seeing how light works acoss the form, and hue-value-chroma. 

    Stefan Baumann is an instructor on the West Coast doing both in-studio lectures, and addressing a number of issues regarding en plein air painting.

    And of-course Bruce MacEvoy's protean Handprint site.  It's geared to watercolorists, but a fractal-depth resource on palettes, color wheels, hue-value-chroma, pigments and art history there 

    And the Color of Art Pigment Database.
  • Thanks for your input.  These look pretty good.  I'm still looking for a forum-like site.  Any ideas?
  • Well, wetcanvas is a big forum. It's enormous and has covered an enormous number of topics in lots of mediums.
  • I look at DMP YouTube to gain info from Mark., The second most important YouTube channel I see is of Stefan Baumann. Sometimes I see Karl Gnass and Glenn Vilppu's YouTube. Andrew Tischler, Santos are good for entertainment. I used to look at Handprint when I was a little younger.
  • CJDCJD -
    edited May 13
    Instagram for seeing people's art and discovering new artists. It's the best for current and old paintings. It's also what most artists use to share their work online, and many artists successfully use it to sell as well.

    Then the painting best practices or traditional oil painting fb groups for info on materials.

    Justpaint articles on materials also, and the resources on the golden and natural pigments sites.
  • If you like watching other artists just paint;

    Dutch painter Jos VanRiswick does amazing still lifes, and the most mesmerizing eggs and fruits.

    Australian painter Dusan Malobabic does incredible oils using palette knives.  Changed my whole view on how painting knives could be used in realistic landscapes and especially cityscapes where you need a sharp linear edge.  Several he literally uses a cut-down dinner knife instead of athe usual fancy Italian painting knife!.

    I turn the playback speed down to 50% or 25% so I can study what they're doing at "normal speed".
  • @Ted
    I like watching jos Van Riswick videos too. I went and visited him at his shop/gallery about 3 years back.

    I had not thought about slowing the videos down, thats a great idea.

  • DMP is my first choice :)   I like to watch Alex tzavaras videos.
  • DMP is my favorite site. But I also like watching landscape painters like Andrew Tischler and Clyde Aspevig do their stuff.  :)
  • I'm really into these two guys at the moment..



    Both do watercolour portraits but they are absolutely unbelievable, I watch them paint and still can't quite figure out how they managed to do what they did.
  • DMP is a good forum for me to learn and explore new ways of painting. However, I have joined Deviant Art to enhance my painting skills.
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