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Feedback on Digital Reference Painting

Not sure if this makes sense to ask here, but I have put together a reference photo for my first oil painting and would like your feedback. I am also painting it digitally, since I don't have the materials yet. Looking for feedback on the composition of the reference or on the digital painting (work in progress). I'm not sure if that necklace would work out in a painting. Maybe the hand should be moved up.

This is the reference photo:



  • Creepy photo. don't see a problem with the necklace. Are you trying to superimpose a living hand and flower over an ancient statue like the photo or trying to make a lifelike portrait of a living person? I'll keep an eye out for you.
  • mhqoilmhqoil -
    edited May 9
    Haha, thanks for your thoughts!

    I am trying to capture what Nefertiti would be like in modern day, especially in the time of social media.

    That hand position is a typical influencer pose. Trying to make a parallel between being an elite social media influencer and having status and power in ancient Egypt. A commentary on status and power in general, if you will. Not sure if others will see it that way. I enjoy the symbolism though.

    This was just an idea I had that I want to paint, perhaps the next one will be more realistic.
  • I finished my digital reference photo. I'm happy with it, I used about a dozen different photos to make it. I would like to paint this one day, maybe after I have developed more skills in realism. I'm going to put this aside for now in favor of making one that is more realistic.

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