Ordering photo prints on-line

I'm in self-isolation for the duration of the COVID-19 threat because I'm in the highest-risk age bracket.  I don't have a color printer, so I'm looking for an on-line way to get reasonably priced, glossy prints of some of my digital photos to paint, but I don't want the kind of over-saturated, over-contrast, color-enhanced prints you get from the local drug store.  Any suggestions?


  • SummerSummer -
    edited May 2020
    @ASCooperband I have been using whitewall worldwide photo lab for many years now.  I even have the photographs laminated in keeping with DMP testing requirement when touching paint to the photograph.  I believe they are located in Germany now but I haven't noticed any change in quality or service.  Good luck.  Summer
  • After checking photo-processor reviews from professional photographers, I ordered some 8"x12" and 9"x12" glossy color prints from Mpix (https://www.mpix.com/).  So far, I like their work: turn-around was quick, colors were accurate, quality was good, prices were reasonable.  Prints are available in a large choice of sizes and can be ordered un-cropped and un-enhanced.  I'll do my color matching from the color print; I scanned in the color print and pieced together a full-size B&W copy for laying out my canvas.

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