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Latest Charcoal Drawings...(May 2020)

edited July 3 in Drawing
I figure I should post every time in a batch so I don't flood the forum....

So I will start with a digital art...
in different stages. and experimentations.

And now a charcoal drawing with the same idea. I honestly think I have heavily overworked...but the point is to learn what is possible, what is not, and see how I can manipulate.

A selfie:) #midnightsnack

My living room

(crop zoom) this is my favorite plant in the house because it moves a lot during day and night, its like a pet to me.


  • I love them all, @hiragaruben - especially the guy at the window. It emerges so wonderfully from the visual noise around it - as if almost accidently. It's a wonderful Image. :)
  • thanks, @tassieguy , the guy at the window is me opening my fridge during night time hehe. I guess with my abstraction makes it hard to discern it, but I am glad you like it!:) 
  • edited May 8
    Oh, yes. I see now. But it could be a guy at a window and it's that indeterminism that makes this such a wonderful image. :) 

    I, too, love house plants. They are perfect companions. They require minimal care, look beautiful and never complain. Peace lilies are the best.  :)
  • Very painterly, good work. 
  • Amazing work. I always look forward to your newest work.
  • Thanks @Rich_A , it’s very kind of you!
  • I  never noticed we often have the same expression on our faces whether looking out a window or into the fridge. The sketches are wonderful and our facial expressions probably don't reveal how much we like looking at them.

  • edited July 6
    @BOB73 I actually never thought about it either, that’s an interesting food for thought! 
    And I guess most of us won’t attempt draw or paint or even care to learn the many types of facial expressions because many of them can appear silly or not glamorous enough.

    The entertainment industry (movies, games, tv...) certain has an edge in that regard imo. People in animation not only look and pay attention to facial expressions in life, but they practice drawing them every single day. Learning also on how to manipulate and exaggerate. 
    There is so much to learn from others.
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