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Do you sign your work?

Most photos I see posted don't have any signatures. What are people's thoughts and preferences for signing their work?


  • @lightbulb3900 yes I sign mine, usually done after I've posted,

    It took me a little while to find how I wanted it. I wasn't pleased with my actual signature and I'm now happy with my sir name done in simple capitals.

    Im not a big fan of seeing signed painting with a signature either so bold or large (or both) that it detracts from the work itself. So I try and make mine fairly discrete, I hope.

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    I agree with @MichaelD.

    Signing is the last thing I do. Usually after posting here on the forum. And I like it to be discrete.  I only sign work I think is good -   good enough to exhibit for sale. (I have quite a few unsigned paintings that I have not posted here and which will never see the light of day. No point signing them. Their stretchers get recycled eventually) 

    I like to keep my signature unobtrusive. I use only my initials which, lately, I've been trying to stylise to make them unique. I paint them small at lower right in colours that occur in that part of the painting.
  • I sign about half way done because I see signature as a composition element and signing early on allows me time to integrate a written word so it does not look like a decal.
  • I do sign most things with simply my name in capitals either bottom left or right, whichever is least noticeable. I changed my signature about three times last year so I have a variety haha. Not sure that matters. I envy people who seem to be able to come up with something cool, but oh well :) 

    I put a sticker on the back of every painting I sell with the title, date, copyright, details of medium and varnish, and then sign that with my "actual" signature so in theory I could leave it off the front if I really couldnt find a good place for it.

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