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Moderator PaulB

edited April 29 in General Discussion

I thought I hadn't seen Paul on here for a while and I have only just learned from reading the message on his profile that he has decided to stop moderating.

I am sad, as no doubt many others are, to see him go..

He is a great artist and someone who I always found to be helpful and generous with his advice.

I think he did a great job of moderator here on the forum and I would like to take this opportunity to wish him all the best in the future.



  • This is sad news. I hope he comes back again. This is a difficult time for everybody right now.
  • I also appreciated Paul’s advice, observations and his painting expertise.  Even though he is not moderating hopefully we will still hear from him.
  • edited April 30
    My last known visit from PaulB was on April the 12, he gave me an "awesome" on my most recent painting, this means a lot. Thanks PaulB, hope that you return.
  • It won't be the same place without you PaulB. I too hope you will return.
  • I look at his once in a while on Instagram. He greatly developed his craft...surely one of the best boat paintings I've ever seen. I envy him for joining Stefan Baumann's workshop. He also gave me great confidence in buying one of my works. 
  • edited April 30
    I'm sorry to hear @PaulB is no longer moderating. He was an excellent moderator, is a fabulous painter and was unfailingly helpful. I hope he doesn't stop visiting the forum.
  • I hope Paul B comes back just to be social, but I'm happy to still see his work on Instagram. From time to time I take long breaks from here too, (not for any reason at all... just happens haha) Hopefully the same is of Paul.
  • Paul has been instrumental in this group and in encouraging many a budding painter here. He has really blossomed as an artist and it's thrilling that he has become so successful and recognized! He's become so busy with his work, I've been surprised he was able to continue as mod for as long as he has.

    Thanks for your dedication to the group Paul!
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