Old Liquin Original

I am having one bottle of liquin and it is from very long time almost more than 5 years.
So is it safe to use?
Will it hamper color or canvas?



  • Chumki

    Give liquin a good shake before use. Liquin thickens and darkens with age but does not affect the properties of drying and hardening.


  • Thank you Denis .
    So i can still use that right?

  • Chumki

    Much depends on how good the seal was on the container and how long the product has been open to the air.

    Scoop some out on the palette, give it a good agitation with a knife.
    Looking for an even, smooth consistency between petroleum jelly and mayonnaise.
    A drop or two of mineral spirit if needed
    Keep Liquin amount to around 10% or less of the applied mix.

    It is a proprietary secret but I gather that Liquin is a modified soy oil, so use it as you might use a walnut oil to modify consistency.  Used in this way I expect painted areas to be at least touch dry in 24 hours on a warm, dry day. No shortage of those in Australia  =)

  • Thank you so much Denis.  =)
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