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What Makes Oil Paint So Expensive


Short, well produced video of interest.



  • Thanks for posting this video.  I find this subject very interesting.
  • Who's got time to make their own paints? And where can one buy pigments other than in art supply stores? And don't different pigments have to be handled in different ways when making them into paint? I think there's a bit more to it than just stiring the pigments into some oil. 
    I don't find paint to be all that expensive. Fortunately, the colours we need most of in realism  - BU, UB and TW are moderately priced and the really expensive ones like the cadmiums, we generally need in only small amounts and they can often be substituted with less expensive pigments. For example, instead of cadmium yellow light we can use arylide. And quite often we can use earth colours such as red oxide  for warm red tones. And I see no point in making someting resembling yellow ochre out of BU, CY and TW when you can use natural yellow ochre which is powerful and dirt cheap. I buy high quality paints in 300ml canisters which are cheaper in the long run and last for ages. With a bit of thought, we can use commercially available paints without blowing the budget.  :)
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